the meeting rooms

You are welcome to hold seminars, conferences, workshops and other events in modern Language and Culture Institute auditoriums, in Gedimino Avenue.

Our auditoriums are convenient and adapted for training sessions or other kind of formal meetings. What is more, walls are always decorated with various artworks of famous Lithuanian and foreign artists, photographers.

Coffee breaks or French breakfast are offered for participants of the events.


The  auditorium   Square meters      Number of people      Price of one hour      Price of all day*    
Aukštaičių 40 18, 40 29 Eur

140 Eur

Žemaičių 30 12 24 Eur 100 Eur
Dzūkų 12 9 15 Eur 65 Eur
Sūduvių 10 6 11 Eur 52 Eur

* All day is 8 hours.


To the price of the classroom rent is included:                                  For an additional charge:                           

- Magnetic board                                                                                    - Pitcher table water with lemon 1,5 Eur

- Paper for the board                                                                              - Laptop 29 Eur

- Pens                                                                                                     - The price of one paper copy 0.06 Eur

- Wireless Internet                                                                                  - Coffee break, French breakfast 2.5-10 Eur

- Links with your logo  

 - Projector                                                                          


aukštaičių classroom

žemaičių classroom

dzūkų and sūduvių classrooms