Asta Kuzmiskienė’s exhibition All about us

On 10 July at 6PM in Language and Culture Institute Lingua Lituanica in Vilnius, Asta Kuzmiskienė’s exhibition All about us will be presented.

The painter lives and creates in Vilnius. Earlier she studied Economics in the Vilnius University and now works in Public Auctions sphere. She started painting only a few years ago encouraged by the family and relatives and today she paints and takes a part in exhibitions intensively.

According to the author, after the home got empty, everyday ado, problems and work got redundant, she found herself wandering into the world of art and colour. One day she bought dye, paint-brushes and canvas  and started painting and today she cannot imagine her day without a single brush of a pencil.

Her artwork is about universal values and emotional language of the painting, openness, subtleness, sometimes mystical alliusions fascinate people. Dynamic work of arts erases the line between everyday reality and fatality.
A. Kuzminskienė wishes everyone to fall into alegoric - magical world and to find a part of yourself, to create your own story in her art. As well to remember altogether that every step, every lived moment can gift something beautiful. You don’t need to be afraid of it, I, myself, didn’t scare to use a brush after turning fifty. Laughs the Author.

The Exhibition All about us presents the newest artworks. The Femininity, portraying its opinion, subjective experiences and social values. The display contains acrylic paint with various painting techniques.

The host of the exhibition, Language and Culture Institute Lingua Lituanica, as well organises cultural programs, events for Lithuanian or Foreign citizens, here is presented Lithuanian culture, history and literature. Currently the Institute gives opportunities for the Knights of the brush who want to present their artwork. Earlier exhibitions show the success of the organisers.

The exhibitions of A. Kuzmickienė will run until September and everybody is welcome to visit Lingua Lituanica in the city centre during working hours.

The photographs will be taken during the opening event thus the images will be shared on social media with the probability of the participants appearing in the photograph.