start speaking lithuanian course (online)

An introduction course "Start speaking Lithuanian" (Pre-A1) will help to get acquainted with and start speaking Lithuanian, the course is exactly designed for that purpose. Even though the course is mostly focused on phrases and speaking, you are still going to get in touch with some of the major features of the Lithuanian language, such as: 

  • Gender (feminine, masculine, neuter)
  • The endings that are shifting constantly due to the system of grammatical cases
  • Verb types and the shifts of their endings depending on the person and tense
  •  Grammatical cases (their paradigm and functions).


Additional information

  • If you miss some lessons, homework and other relevant information can be sent. 
  • Certificate about attended course will be provided. If you need, we can prepare official document for your employer or a particular institution about the course you attend.
  • Learning material fee is included in total price of the course.
  • Registration fee (100 EUR) is included in total price of the course. It is not refundable. The place in the course is saved after paying the registration's fee. 
  • Payment: registration's or course's fee you can pay by cash in the institute or by bank transfer (LINGUA LITUANICA bank account: LT81 7300 0100 9932 1166).


Please do not hesitate to contact usWe will do our best to answer all your questions.