This Russian language course is for those who wants to study in the workplace. Employee can study in a groups of individually. All language skills are taught: speaking, listening, reading and writing.  Language experts will form program and select the most suitable learning method. Together with the teacher students performs a variety of tasks, discuss on different topics of interest.

Russian language courses in the workplace:

  • duration of the course and schedule depends on company needs
  • individual program is prepared
  • a variety of topics which are interested for the students are discussed
  • teaching in the workplace

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Additional information:

  • teaching contract
  • if contract is for more than 50 acad. hours company can pay sum monthly
  • if contract is 50 acad. hours or less the course needs to be paid before first lesson
  • company has to order 20 acad. hours or more 
  • 1 acad. hour is 45 minutes
  • 1 lesson is 2 acad. hours
  • learning material: 30 EUR.
  • Registration: you are welcome to register by email info@lingualit.lt, by coming to institute or ONLINE


Please do not hesitate to contact usWe will do our best to answer all your questions.