Language and Culture Institute LINGUA LITUANICA invites to start learning basic French or reviving your French skills according to the new program which includes: 

  • Grammar in dialogues (each topic includes dialogues thus you never get bored!).
  • Listening practice, pronunciation exercises – tested and popular method.
  • Simulation-based learning: what could you possibly need in real-life situations?

If your goal is to tame French and establish a positive and comfortable relationship with this language, the course is designed namely for You! The lecturer Louis is native French speaker!

REGISTRATION: by email, by coming to institute or ONLINE

Additional information:

  • Address: Language and Culture Institute LINGUA LITUANICA (Gedimino ave. 26, Vilnius).
  • Certificate: certificate about attended course will be provided. If you need, we can prepare official document for your employer or a particular institution about the course you attend. 
  • Individual French language lessons in the institute or via Skype: would you like to learn French individually? Please contact us and we will plan your course!



Please do not hesitate to contact usWe will do our best to answer all your questions.