Language and Culture Institute LINGUA LITUANICA invites to study Lithuanian language in B1 level courses. Lessons will be held online in the small group. 

1. Lithuanian language B1 level first part course online

Course begins: 2022-04-11.

Time of lessons: Monday, Wednesday at 18.30-20.00 (LTU time).

Duration: 26 acad. hours in a group + 24 acad. hours in Moodle. 

Explanatory language: Lithuanian.

Learning materials: included in the price.

Course ends: 2022-05-25.

Price: 240 EUR.

2. Lithuanian language B1 level second part course online

Course begins: 2022-05-30.

Time of lessons: Monday, Wednesday at 18.30-20.00 (LTU time).

Duration: 16 acad. hours in a group +14 acad. hours in Moodle 

Explanatory language: Lithuanian.

Learning materials: included in the price.

Course ends: 2022-06-22.

Price: 140 EUR.

REGISTRATION: by email, by coming to institute or ONLINE

Lithuanian language course for intermediate will help you achieve proficiency level B1. We will use the learning material Perženk slenkstį prepared by prof. dr. Irena Kruopienė. Together we will learn how to:

  •  communicate in a variety of familiar and unusual everyday situations, discuss, ask and answer questions about our personal lives, work, education and leisure topics, describe the situation, explain the reason, express an opinion, offer, compare, agree or disagree, express feelings, etc.; 
  • recognize conversations, chats, comments, the essence of short stories when it comes to a clear routine, work, education, leisure topics, to understand the basic topics of radio or television programs which are expressed clearly;
  •  read everyday texts about work, education and leisure and understand the essence or important details of the events of human life, relationships, and descriptions of feelings, also find, understand and evaluate the necessary information; 
  • write simple clear structured (introduction, body, conclusion) texts on familiar topics, personal and official letters, substantiate their views, give examples, describe events, reviews, characters, and etc.;
  • use of various grammatical forms (nouns, pronouns, adjectives singular case, verb tenses and inclination). We will study how to identify and select the participants, and the half participle forms, appropriate use of text-tying tools and etc. By learning new words we will expand the vocabulary in various topics.

All these things are going to be studied in 80 academic hours course by doing various exercises of writing, reading, speaking, and listening. It will also take some additional home study and of course your desire to speak one of the oldest Indo-European languages. 


Additional information

  • If you miss some lessons, homework and other relevant information can be sent. 
  • Certificate about attended course will be provided. If you need, we can prepare official document for your employer or a particular institution about the course you attend. 
  • Learning material fee is included in total price of the course - 30 EUR.
  • Registration fee (100 EUR) is included in total price of the course. It is not refundable. The place in the course is saved after paying the registration's fee.
  • There is a possibility to pay in installments.
  • Payment: registration or course's fee you can pay by cash in the institute or by bank transfer (LINGUA LITUANICA bank account: LT81 7300 0100 9932 1166).


Please do not hesitate to contact usWe will do our best to answer all your questions.