The Lithuanian language, Lingua Lituanica in Latin, is very ancient and according to Teodore S. Truston, is "of marvellous structure, more perfect that Sanskrit and Old Greek, richer than Latin and more subtle than all three combined". We are proud of the fact that our language has retained many features of the proto Indo-European language and that Lithuanian, together with Latvian are the only living Baltic languages. 

Our students talk about Lithuanian Language:

  • singing and "soft";
  • a little bit difficult and interesting. Because most of the words end with "as", sometimes it sounds funny;
  • a very old language and it's probably why it's so complicated;
  • difficult, various, somehow unusual, interesting, unique;
  • very beautiful, exotic and difficult;
  • fasinating because of it's ancient origins, interesting for it's grammar, difficult because of lot things to memorize; harmonic;
  • creative, enjoyfull, sympathic, different and interesting;
  • a very nice language;
  • impossible! But I'll do it!

It's no secret that you might occasionally find learning Lithuanian rather difficult, but we are here to help you!

We are the Language and Culture Institute LINGUA LITUANICA, which prides itself on caring about both the language and the individual. We believe that by helping a particular person we will contribute to the preservation and nurture of our language.  All of you – Lithuanians and guests to Lithuania – are welcome to our institute to study Lithuanian and other languages.


Language and Culture Institute LINGUA LITUANICA offer a new way of combining innovative learning and teaching techniques with interaction with your lecturer and fellow students from around the world. You are kindly invited to study Lithuanian and other languages with us. All our teaching stuff  have a passion for teaching, come with years of experience and are experts in their respective fields. We use a mixture of cutting-edge and traditional teaching methods to help our students achieve excellence together. 


  • Traditional: groups and individual courses in the classroom.
  • Modern: online groups and individual lessons via Skype.
  • Modern: to study individually in Virtual Learning Environment +  lessons with lecturer face to face or via Skype.
  • Hybrid: to study in a group and online via Skype at the same time. 


  • Our team consists only a professional staff who has higher education with appropriate qualification, skills and work experience.
  • Blending tradition and modernity
  • The possibility to study in online groups and the virtual learning environment is offered for students.
  • We offer all levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) of  Lithuanian and other language courses, we teach not only in a groups but also by a specially adapted individual learning programs directly or distance way (via Skype program or the e-course for Lithuanian language beginners).
  • All course learning material are prepared of the Institute specialists, it is unique and it cannot be purchased anywhere.
  • In the Institute you are not only studing, but also you will be introduced with the Lithuanian culture, history, and literature.
  • After the lectures  you  will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge in an informal atmosphere – we organize friendly meetings, cultural events and sightseeing tours.
  • You'll always have the opportunity to continue learning , because  courses in groups or individually are held continuously.
  • We studying only in small groups.
  • We are located in the heart of Vilnius – Gedimino ave., so you can always quickly and easily come to us.
  • Certificate about attended course will be provided.


Please do not hesitate to contact usWe will do our best to answer all your questions.