Quality –  we are demanding of ourselves and students, we aim to make learning effective, useful and attractive.

Sustainability – we protect  the environment and take care of weaker, because we care about how we are living and how we will  live tomorrow.

Thoughtfulness – we take care of our students and offer them solutions according to their needs, we support and respect each other, 

Openness  – no matter from which corner of the world person is, everyone are always welcome in our institute. We believe that the closer cognition of the different cultures, intercultural communication helps to create an open, friendly, tolerant society.

Nurturing of Lithuanian identity – we introduce Lithuanian culture, history, literature, arts and organize various cultural events, creative workshops, exhibitions.

Creativity – we are constantly looking for a new and attractive teaching (learning) methods, we appreciate and encourage creative ideas and initiatives.


To become an innovative Lithuanian language teaching and Lithuanian cultural representation institute in Lithuania and the world.


  • To nurture Lithuanian language and  enhance  its prestige both in Lithuania and abroad.
  • To improve the quality of spoken and written language, to encourage the usage of correct language.
  • To help Lithuanian emigrants to preserve their mother tongue and national identity. To help foreigners overcome the language barrier.
  • To help Lithuanians to learn foreign languages and to overcome the foreign language barrier.
  • To spread and support the application of the principle of lifelong learning.
  • To develop cross-cultural connections.
  • Blending tradition and modernity


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