1.Service Provider – JSC LINGUA LITUANICA, company registration number: 300656235, VAT payer number – not registered, headquarters: Gedimino pr. 26, Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania. Data are collected and stored in the Registry of legal Entities of the State Enterprise ‘Centre of Registers’.

Company's e-mail address:

Company's phone number: +370 5 231 32 39

Company's website:

2.The Service Provider undertakes to organize and deliver the Course in the group or individually (hereinafter referred to as the Course) to the Customer according to the schedule of lectures specified in advance. The Service Provider undertakes to adapt the curriculum and the training methods according to the Customer’s skill level of the language. The Course price depends on the chosen top of course. The price of individual Courses is agreed between the parties. For courses for the groups of individuals, and programmes of companies and organisations, the Course is divided into:

-group lecture,

-individual lecture.

3.The Service Provider shall ensure that the lectures take place at the specified time and in the specified place (Gedimino pr. 26, Vilnius). The Customer shall be notified in writing about the appointed time. If, for objective reasons, the lecture cannot be held at the agreed time because of the fault of the Service Provider, the Customer will be notified and the lecture postponed to the time convenient for the Service Provider and the Customer.

4.After the course, the Service Provider will organize the test and evaluate the knowledge of the language of the course participant (Customer). When the Course participant successfully passes the test and receives a positive assessment of the Service Provider, he will be issued a certificate confirming his level of knowledge.

5.If the Customer refuses to go for a test, the Service Provider shall issue a certificate confirming the attendance of the Course.

6. Service contract is prepared by Service Provider.

7.Course price shall be paid within 10 working days from the date of submission of the invoice, but could not be paid later than the first day of the course.

8. Registration fee for group Courses. Registration fee is included in a Course price.

9.Payments specified in these rules must be made to Service Provider’s bank account or in cash. If bank transfer is charged with taxes or other kind of charges, these payments are not included in the services cost and must be paid by Customer.

10.If the Customer fails to fulfill its contractual obligations and fails to pay the price of the Course (or part thereof) at a specific time, he shall be subject to 0.02 per cent (two hundredths of present) of late payment charges on the outstanding price (or part thereof) for each day of delay.

11.Should the Contractor fail to discharge his contractual obligations and fail to pay the invoice within 2 (two) months, the principal amount and the late payment charges will be recovered by company Baltijos skolų išieškojimo centras BSIC (tel. +370 6 157 60 45). By signing the invoice, the Customer agrees and has no objection for the recovery of debt, and for transfer of his details to the third party – the Baltic Centre for debt collection BSIC.

12.At the Customer's request, the Service Provider undertakes to perform the work agreed by the parties in writing, and deliver additional services at an extra service fee agreed between the parties.

13.If the Customer is unable to come to the lecture at the appointed time for any valid reason, the Service Provider must be warned 2 days (48 h) in advance.

14.The Customer shall not be reimbursed for the missed lecture (s) of the Course.

15.If the Customer listens only part of the Course Programme, the money paid for the Course shall not be refundable.

16. At the Customer’s request, the Course can be organised remotely via Skype or other means acceptable to the Service Provider. In this case, the Course must be prepaid in advance.

17.Duration of individual courses may be 10, 15, 20 or 50 academic hours (according to the Customer’s prior instruction).

18.The place of the Courses must be clean and tidy. During the Course, the participants are required to avoid noise and maintain the working atmosphere specific to an academic institution. All the Course listeners are offered equal conditions for education, and allowed to use the research and training facilities and other material values.

19.The Course Customers must follow these rules, the internal rules of procedure and other instructions of the administration or normative regulations and documents of the Service Provider.

20.The Customer shall:

-          seek knowledge according to their abilities, to respect the Service Provider and its lecturers, other listeners and their opinion, do not harm their reputation;

-          not be late to the Course;

-          be prepared for the Course and have all necessary tools;

-          during the Course, not interfere with other listeners, trainers, and comply with their legitimate orders;

-          protect the property of the Service Provider, material values and technical tools; after the Course or if the Course is terminated prematurely, return the tools, if any, to the Service Provider;

-          use the tools and facilities, electricity and other resources in a rational and prudent manner;

-          comply with other requirements;

-          during the Course, wear neat and clean clothes, wear no caps, no jackets, unless otherwise directed by the lecturer; be polite;

-          abide with general requirements of discipline, cleanliness and hygiene.

21.The Customer is prohibited from:

-          interfering to the delivery of the Course, running, causing noise, littering and otherwise disturbing the peace and using obscene words during the Course;

-          using mobile and other similar gadgets during the Course;

-          being intoxicated with drugs or other similar substances during the Course;

-          smoking during the Course;

-          bringing in firearms, explosives or other weapons or materials;

-          gambling or playing other games that threaten the health of the surrounding people during the Course;

-          using physical, psychological violence in respect of listeners or lecturers to the Course and other persons, and the Service Provider;

-          arbitrarily changing the place of the inventory of the Service Provider;

-          remaining on the premises at the end of the Course;

-          accessing to the Service Provider's administrative or service premises without authorisation;

-          bringing bystanders to the Course;

-          making image and (or) audio recordings during the Course without the permit of the Service Provider.

22.The Rules are applicable for the Courses ordered individually or for the group, also for listeners and participants choosing the Course programme for enterprises, institutions and organisations.


Date of approval of the General Service Terms and Terms of Payment of Language and Culture Institute LINGUA LITUANICA: 01-01-2015

If you have any questions, please contact UAB LINGUA LITUANICA by tel. +370 5 231 32 39.