Lithuanian Language Course for Advanced (B2)

We will use learning material Tobulėkime prepared by prof. dr. Irena Kruopienė and Daina Balčienė. Together we will learn how to:

  •  quite freely and spontaneously communicate, participate in discussions in familiar contexts, to express and justify an opinion, to be able to make a clear and detailed description of the different things that are relevant to your interests, to explain the approach of various opinions' advantages and disadvantages;
  • by listening: understand the main ideas of the complex text on both concrete and abstract topics, as well as specialized discussions on professional topics, understand movies, TV news;
  • read articles and reports concerned with contemporary problems in which certain attitudes and opinions of the author are expressed and understand the essence of the short work or contemporary fiction;
  • write clear, detailed text on a variety of topics and explain the issues under considerated questions. Write an essay or a report, to provide data, to indicate the reason, to write letters and consistent set of events.
  • use of various grammatical constructions, verbal participants, and the half participle forms, appropriate use of text-tying tools and etc. By learning new words we will expand the vocabulary in various topics.



REGISTRATION: B2 level we recommend to study individually, but we form small groups too. You are welcome to register by email, by coming to the institute or ONLINE



Please do not hesitate to contact us: or +37052313239. We will do our best to answer all your questions.