lithuanian language course for advanced (c1 level)

We will use learning material Tobulėkime prepared by prof. dr. Irena Kruopienė and Daina Balčienė as well as and a variety of additional sources (articles, reference books, dictionaries and etc.). Together we will learn how to:

  • communicate fluently and spontaneously, to select and use a variety of expressions, to talk about professional and social issues, to formulate ideas and opinions and relate your own and other speakers opinions', exhaustively describe the complex of phenomenas, to summarize and present conclusions;
  • by listening: understand a developed and very clear structure speech as well as the speech where structural components of the relationships are only implied;
  • read and understand long and difficult factual or literary texts, perceive distinctions of styles and implicit meaning, to understand the specific articles and longer technical instructions;
  • write a variety of texts of suitable structure, to describe complex subjects in letters, essays or in a report, underlining the most important things.
  • use of various grammatical, syntactic and artistic means of expression due to link sentences and paragraphs, to improve the culture of the language. 


Registration: students of C1 level we recommend to study individually, but we form small groups too. You are welcome to register by email or ONLINE


Please do not hesitate to contact usWe will do our best to answer all your questions.