7 reasons why you should learn Lithuanian or why Lingua Lituanica?

Language and Culture Institute LINGUA LITUANICA from 27th of July, 2019, is organizing Intensive Lithuanian language and Culture summer courses for internationals. This Summer you are welcome to:


The institute invites non-nationals immerse themselves in Lithuanian language, culture, history and discover the beautiful nature of Lithuania. However, do you know what these two weeks can bring you?


1. Fast result. During two weeks you will learn everything what is important in order to “survive” in Lithuania. Advanced Lithuanian seekers will improve their language proficiency level or will prepare for Category exams.


2.Professional lecturers. In Language and Culture Institute LINGUA LITUANICA work only lecturers who are well qualified and experienced. What is more, Intensive Lithuanian language summer courses are being organized already for ten years. So, you are going to be in professional hands!


3. Interesting excursions. All participants, even the little ones – children, will explore the real Lithuania by travelling to Kernavė, Angel hill, Užutrakis manor and participating in various guided tours in Vilnius. 


4. Cultural activities.  Intensive Lithuanian language summer courses participants will be introduced to Lithuanian ethno culture, history and literature. You will know traditional songs, phrases, famous battles and writers. 


5. Tasting. You will try various traditional Lithuanian dishes such as cepelinai or the cake called šakotis


6. Discovering singing. Each moment of LINGUA LITUANICA summer courses is for catching the possibility to learn. You will be studying in the classroom, in the bus, in the museum or during the break. Suddenly, you will be even singing traditional Lithuanian songs – sutartinės


7. New friends. It is said that „the paths of destiny are unknown”. You never know where you will meet your best friend or soul mate. In any way, during these two weeks you will have a great opportunity to meet new people and explore other cultures, because to Intensive Lithuanian language summer courses comes people from all over the world.


  • Registration: e-mail info@lingualit.lt; call +370 5 231 3239, online: www.lingualit.lt 

Hurry up to register!