From 2013, every year in October we announce the month of kindness and encourage our community and all members of the society to contribute.

This year 2021 we financially supported:

Maltesers. Maltesers provide assistance for the lonely elderly, children from socially vulnerable families, the disabled, refugees, and for everyone who is in need. Assistance for the elderly is the biggest field of there work. There are about 2600 elderly all around Lithuania who regularly get the assistance that varies from visiting during main celebrations to a daily supply of warm meals.

Blossom of Hope 2021 Campaign.  Blossom of Hope's purpose is to focus on diagnosis and treatment and raise funds to improve breast cancer outcomes, with the specific goal of covering the cost of one full year of breast tissue markers, critical to optimal care and yet not covered by the State.

Event Po lietuvių kalbos ir kultūros skėčiu. Lithuanian poetry and songs are presented by people from different countries.