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  • Chaja

    I really enjoyed the course and teacher's patience. She explained really well. I learnt so much more than I thought. I thought I would only be able to order a coffee at the end. Thank you again for the great course!

  • Marta

    I think the course exceeded my expectations, especially about the amount of grammar we were able to learn in this relatively short period of time. It gave me a good foundation to continue learning both by talking and listening to Lithuanians and to try to learn new things on my own.

    Thank you for all the materials and willingness to be flexible and open to our questions, as many times we would learn exactly what we need instead of going exactly by-the-book and it's definitely more efficient. This was an amazing course and a really good first step for anyone who would like to learn Lithuanian :) Ačiū labai!

  • Simona

    Intense, profound and fast learning Lithuanian!

  • A. Ben Hamid, Tunisia

    The teacher managed to pull my tongue to produce some Lithuanian. I made huge steps.

  • C. Behrens, Philippines

    The course is well-designed to form the basic foundation for grammar and vocabulary. The way that book was structured fits very well with the students‘ understanding and development of Lithuanian.

  • Hector Lopez-Bren, Spain

    The language course was very intensive and required some complementary work. However, results show that it‘s well planned and well implemented. I am very positive about it, I can now say sententences in Lithuanian.

  • Daina Simkus, Canada

    Though the course was very tiring at times it was worth it to study. I liked that we did not only grammar but also spoke in groups and learnt how to survive in „real world“. The teachers here were very good; knew our limits and how to push us to become better. My Lithuanian has definetely improved. Aciu.

  • Mustafa Basgoz, Turkey

    If people want to learn Lithuanian language the best than they must prefer this Institute language courses. It‘s a pleasure that I came to this course and studied here.

  • Agnieszka Szymanska, Poland

    I‘m very glad about the course. Before the course I wasn‘t able to say a word in Lithuanian and now I can speak, I am braver to speak even I make a lot of mistakes. Our teacher was very opened for our needs, I liked her modern way of teaching. Lessons were very useful for me.

  • Tason Morrissey, New Zeland

    I am very pleased in terms of my grammar. I have become more comfortable to use Lithuanian language in real life situations. The course was structured very well, focused on practical knowledge but was also tailored to individual desires. Teacher is excellent, without fault, enthusiastic, patient, professional and engaging.

  • Robert Kulikauskas, Canada

    With only 3 months I made a big improvement. I found it interesting, I liked my teacher and I will be sorry to go home.

  • Conor O'Donovan

    I have been studying Lithuanian over Skype with Lingua Lituanica for the past 5 months and I must say it has been a very enjoyable experience. The course content is very clear and my tutor (Irena) has a very good teaching style. Although we are doing it over Skype it is a very worthwhile experience. Lingua Lituanica is a great resource for learning Lithuanian. Conor O'Donovan, Ireland

  • Hannah Shipman

    If you can't study face-to-face in Vilnius, why not have individual tuition over Skype - it's the next best thing. It's quite hard just to study on your own, so finding a tutor like Irena really helps. So by studying using Skype, you still get the personal touch to help you to get to grips with this beautiful (but sometimes frustrating!) language. It's always good to be able to study in your slippers, isn't it?!

  • Sunil Karnik

    To whom it may concern: I was a student of Lithuanian Language at a Beginner level in Lingua Lituanica in summer of 2010. I consider it my good fortune that I discovered them for so many different reasons. I'll try to enumurate a few of them here. The Registration process and follow up was at par with any reputed educational institution in United States. Dovile is such a professional and it was such pleasure to interact with her that she has become a life long friend. The course material is absolutely fantastic.. easy read, logical, progresses in a natural flow and builds from simple to complex level without us realizing how far along we have got. Text is full of easy to understand examples, totally relevant to the objects being covered at that point. I can not say enough about Irena, my instructor. She is a natural teacher... has the knack to make complex concepts simple and easy to understand even for a person like myself whose understanding of the language did not go beyond labai aciu, gerai and taip. She gave me the confidence to dare to write simple correspondence in Lithuanian. Above all, she is an empathatic and cheerful young lady whose encouragement makes all the difference in enjoying the course versus getting frustrated by it. Thank you Irena for being the force behind Lingua Lituanica. As if it was not enough to just make our lessons excellent, Lingua Lituanica ladies introduced us to the culture and geography of Lithuania by taking us on two field trips which each and everyone of us enjoyed so much that they became memorable for me and helped the students to get to know each other socially as well. Of course, Irena being the "tough" teacher that she is, would not let us just enjoy the views from the van, she made us do quizzes and word games in the language, to and from the places we visited. Of course, it was fun and excellent way of accomplishing the goal of learning. Besides these, we had the privilage of meeting well known Lithuanian poets and artists in an informal setting and a delicious lunch in a nice restaurant with Lithuanian singing. All these took great effort, care and planning from each and everyone in the Lingua Lituanica staff and I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart for making my time with them truely a unique and fabulous expereince. To anyone who needs to learn Lithuanian language, which is a very ancient and sweet language, I can unhesitatingly say they will be doing themselves a favor by learning it at Lingua Lituanica.

  • Matthew Dillon

    I can wholeheartedly recommend the beginner course I took (can't remember what it was called) and the individual lessons. I was a student for a month, with no background in Lithuanian and was able to hold a conversation with my father-in-law by the end of the month. The beginner course complemented the individual lessons very well by providing a classroom context for practice and additional instruction.

  • Ville Holopainen

    I have studied in Lingua Lituanica since 2011. The service and quality has always been top notch. Very good and customer oriented teachers and staff. Definitely one of the best language schools I have ever been in.

  • Anthony POULLAIN

    One word to sum it up : Professional.

  • Jean Christophe Calme,

    The quicker, the better: I studied there Lithuanian language about 6 months. The team is profesionnal, patient and friendly. Lithuanian language is often described as one of the most difficult in the world, though learn it with Irena was and you will be amazed how fast you can efficiently communicate with Lithuanians !!!!

  • Hannah Shipman

    I'm a lifelong learner who keeps going back for more lessons at Lingua Lituanica! Expect a friendly welcome, as well as patient and highly professional teachers.

  • Thibaud Catry

    Excellent quality of the courses, teacher is passionate and motivated. The improvment in Lithuanian is really fast and the staff is very friendly. I strongly recommend Lingua Lituanica to anyone who wants to learn seriously Lithuanian.

  • Joe Finkenbinder

    A great staff and fantastic location in downtown Vilnius. Everyone was very helpful and they provide a lot of personal touches as well as outside the class culture activities. Anyone doing business or studying in Vilnius for awhile should take a course at Lingua Lituanica.

  • Kristen Carulli

    I have found the two courses I have taken through Lingua Lituanica to be highly valuable. In addition to learning the language in a warm environment, I found their community to be welcoming. Their professional staff not only plans individualized, scaffolded lessons but, also plans social gatherings in order to practice and celebrate our learning achievements.

  • Chris Marie

    Sympathic mood + Good teachers Knows how to motivate students really well

  • Alexandre Benavides Silva,

    The place is very cozy, the material excellent and the teacher super friendly :) Time is very flexible as well. The location is very centric. I've learned a lot in my first two months and will continue learning :) FULLY RECOMMENDED

  • Signe R. (Latvija)

    The Course was very good. The teacher (Genovaitė) was very professional and dedicated. I enjoyed the nice and friendly atmosphere in the group. After 2 weeks my Lithuanian has improved considerably. I have learned a lot, and I can already communicate in Lithuanian. I liked that in addition to the language classes there was an interesting cultural programme

  • Hannes Tschirpke, Germany

    It was very interesting and - first of all very helpful. Very fine is that we got some information about the country and also met people from other countries. I realised very fast that lecturer Genovaitė is professional!

  • Gene Emmer (USA)

    Intensive Course - Excellent. It is a miracle that in two weeks, I can actually understand some Lithuanian. When I started I could only say "Ačiū". And while I am still a beginner, I can understand quite a lot. It was a challenging course, but I got a lot out of it. What made it fun, was the combination of language and culture. I really enjoyed the many different excursions we made (Trakai, Kernavė, wallking tour of Vilnius, three different museums, amazing!). I am impressed at the variety of cultural events we experienced together with the intense language exercises. It was truly a very rich experience!
    Lecturer- Excellent, I have studied many languages and have had of course many language teachers. Irena is one of the best language teachers that I have had. Of course she understands her language well, that goes without saying. But it can be very challenging to keep a group of five adults entertained, motivated, working, enthusiastic and happy. She did all of that and with a smile.
    I think that I did very well! Though I did have an excellent teacher and study partner

  • Didier Pravaz (France)

    Please, say my best to all the team of Lingua Lituanica. A great team. Looking forward to seeing you next time in Lithuania

  • Andrea Borin from Italy

    Good balance of lesson hours, visits to city and excursions. Excellent study material. Very much engaged in her job and patient. Perhaps should be stricter on correcting the students' mistakes (One learns a lot from their own mistakes). Allways enthusiastic at work and sensitive to the students' difficulties. Evident progress, I've managed to consolidate the basic knowledge I had already. I still have problems at remembering new words. I'll need many more of those courses in future.

  • University of Houston Jokubas Ziburkus

    Excellent language school and great atmosphere. teachers and everyone involved in this school are attentive, responsible, and effective. The teachers are prepared to work with kids of different ages and levels of proficiency. Thank you to all of the staff for the great experience and we plan on being back this coming summer. {We had individual lessons for our kids - 4 and 6 and they really enjoyed it. Also on an up side is that gives parents some 2 hours of time in the mornings and the location is very central, so plenty to walk and see and do around the school.

  • Clavreuil Jacky (France)

    The course was organized by staff in an efficient and friendly manner. The teacher is obviously an expert and is very patient and helpful as well. I can strongly recommend Lingua Lituanica to anybody who wants to learn Lithuanian

  • Hannah Shipman (UK)

    I've been taking individual lessons at Lingua Lituanica. The professional teaching and individual approach (just the right amount of encouragement and the correction/input/pace you need) has really suited me. The teachers and admin team are lovely and care about what they do. It's not only about learning the language; there always seems to be a new exhibition or social event to get involved with. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to know more about the Lithuanian language and culture

  • Hannu Soini

    I was learning Lithuanian with Irena and my fellow students at Lingua Lituanica this spring. The atmosphere in the classroom was very relaxed, yet focused on the learning. The teaching material was well-thought and consistent mix of grammar, words and speaking exercises. Both beginner and intermediate course were focusing on achieving conversational skills, not 100% coverage of all the details and exceptions in the grammer. The 150 academic hours was time and money well spent as I managed to have a nice, althogh simple conversation in Lithuanian only on two-hour flight. If you are in Vilnius and want to have good time learning Lithuanian and making new friends, then look nowhere else.

  • Eka Siczek (Poland)

    I will surely sign up for the next course! Your school is great, I love the atmosphere, way of teaching and this very tasty tea in the rainy weather :) I am looking forward to attend to the lessons again.

  • J Matthew Dillon (USA)

    I spent last month living with my wife's family in Lithuania. They do not speak English, and my wife was finishing up her degree in the US, so I was on my own. I took mixture of classes and private lessons at Lingua Lituanica, and by the end of the month I was able to give toasts at traditional Lithuanian parties without a translator, tell jokes and stories, help with the family business, and keep a natural conversation going with my father-in-law for over 40 minutes (he speaks very quickely).I can‘t even begin to explain how important this is to my wife, her family, and to me. I highly recommend Lingua Lituanica to anyone who wants or needs to learn Lithuanian