G. Akelaitienė, D. Žiliūtė-Batavičienė. Lexical Dialectical Peculiarities in Romualdas Granauskas’ Works


The article discusses lexical dialectical units in Romualdas Granauskas’ works. Empirical material was collected from the works which best reveal him as a representative of the North Samogitian dialect (the collection of works “The Singing of Animals” (“Gyvulėlių dainavimas”) (1998) and “The Red on the White” (2000) Raudonas ant balto) as well as the novel “Mist Over the Valleys”(Rūkas virš slėnių) (2008)). The article focuses only on lexical dialectical peculiarities though the above mentioned works demonstrate dialectical peculiarities on all levels – phonetic, morphological and word building. Samogitian peculiarities are discussed in relation to the area of their spread; an attempt was made to determine which of these features are common to other dialects. The data from the Dictionary of the Lithuanian Language was used to define the area of dialectical peculiarities in Granauskas’ texts. Lexical units of Samogitian dialect, as well as other dialectical units help to identify more precisely the characters of literary works as the inhabitants of a particular place in Lithuania even the cases in the cases when the setting is not defined. In addition, they add some colouring and originality to the author’s style.

Key words: language of Romualdas Granauskas, dialects, Northern Samogitian dialect, lexical features of Samogitian dialect, individuality of style.

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