I. Kruopienė, G. Kačiuškienė. Some Remarks on the External Sandhi in the Northern Panevėžys Dialect


The external sandhi may be frequently observed when listening to the fluent dialect speech of the inhabitants of Eastern Highlands Northern Panevėžys. Most frequently its manifestation is associated with palatalised sounds or with obvious impact of the back reduced vowel on the other sounds of the following word. The material analysed reveals that palatalization of consonants before front vowels in Northern Panevėžys dialect is regular in the cases where a consonant is in an uninflected form. The reduced vowel does not usually leave a clear trace when it precedes another vowel of the same set. If the set of the reduced vowel (which has completely disappeared) and the set of the initial vowel do not coincide, the fronting of the vowel following the reduced vowel occurs. The front vowel succeeding the reduced back vowel (which has disappeared) usually undergoes backing. Even though in the latter cases the reduced vowels are not pronounced as separate segments, they do have some impact on adjacent sounds.

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